Juno Roche

I see myself as a long term Thriver with HIV. A women defined by her struggle to surmount the stigma which society places upon women who are HIV positive.

I am also a proud trans women who has learnt to navigate the conjoined discriminations of being trans and HIV. My place at this intersection has shaped and informed my campaigning work within the fields of employment, education, gender and sexual healthcare. 

Trans women worldwide are an incredibly high risk group, current data estimates that around 19% of all trans women are HIV positive. This is a scandalous figure when you consider the absolute absence of core funding to support and educate the transgender community.

I have long admired the work of The Sophia Forum and their commitment to women living with HIV, all women.
As a patron of CliniQ I understand the challenges ahead and am delighted and energised to become a Trustee on the board. I am eager to ensure a proud trans presence.