Fungai Murau

Fungai MurauFungai is a passionate researcher in the HIV field; her areas of interest are mental health and education of adolescent girls about making informed choices in their lives, respecting their sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Fungai studied at the Institute of Development Studies with her MA (Poverty and Development) dissertation focusing on the mental health of HIV positive, undocumented, migrant women living in the UK.

Serving on the SWIFT (Supporting Women with HIV Information Network) Steering group allows Fungai to continue her research in the area of mental health. She has successfully presented her work at numerous UK and international conferences, such as the BASHH (British Association for Sexual Health and HIV) conference and the International Workshop on HIV and Women.  Additionally she is involved in community inclusive research on the Innovations in Testing and Care (ITC) implementation.

Fungai currently works at the International HIV/AIDS Alliance in the Knowledge and Influence pillar.

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