HIV prevention

In addition to our work to protect and promote the rights of women living with HIV, Sophia Forum also works on access to HIV prevention. We campaign for equal access to effective HIV prevention for women vulnerable to HIV acquisition. Our work on prevention is shaped by Prevention Principles, to uphold effective and equitable prevention for all:

  • No individual means of prevention should be considered in isolation, but as part of a comprehensive package of prevention
  • Preference should be given to education/ programmes/ interventions that are: evidence-based; least burdensome; accessible to all; equitable to all; monitored for impact with data disaggregated by gender, sex, age and other factors.
  • Any decision-making on access, availability and programmes should have meaningful involvement of all communities that might benefit (including women).

We are currently campaigning for access to PrEP for women in the UK. You can find out more about this campaign in our statement, which was endorsed by UK and global organisations and networks.