Sherr, L., Clucas, C., Lampe, F., Harding, R., Fisher, M., Anderson, J., Clucas, C. (2012). ‘Gender and Mental Health Aspects of Living with HIV Disease and Its Longer-Term Outcomes for UK Heterosexual Patients’. Women & Health, 52(3), pp. 214-233.

Gender is important in the experience of illness generally and HIV specifically. In this study the authors compare the experiences of 183 HIV positive women with 76 HIV positive heterosexual […]

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Samuel, M., Welch, J., Tenant-Flowers, M., Poulton, M., Campbell, L., & Taylor, C. (2014). ‘Care of HIV-positive women aged 50 and over – can we do better?’. International Journal of STD & AIDS, 25(4), pp. 303–305.

This study presents findings from a sample of 123 HIV-positive women aged 50 years and over. It showed high rates (71%) of late diagnosis wherein CD4 count was <350, significant […]

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