WISE-UP+: Women Inspire Support and Empower to Unleash Positive Potential

WISE-UP+ is a structured series of workshops designed and led by women living with HIV with the aim of building a dynamic community of female HIV advocates.

The objectives of the WISE-UP+ programmes are:

  • to alleviate isolation – where there is no/low access to services, addressing unmet needs in service design and delivery;
  • to increase knowledge and power – so that women are involved in healthcare decision making, dialogue with health professionals, becoming activists;
  • to meet the needs of ALL HIV+ women – exploring health disparities specific to culture, age, marginalised groups and intersectionality;
  • to provide a safe space where women can share experiences, be creative and develop advocacy messages to inform policy and commissioning decisions;
  • to endorse positive sex messages so that women can work towards the lives and relationships they want.

You can read about the most recent WISE UP+ weekend here.

The next in our ongoing series of WISE UP+ workshops is coming up in October 2019.

WISE UP+ Ageing with HIV is a weekend retreat for women aged 45 and over who are living with HIV. Sessions will include: recent research updates on ageing with HIV; managing menopause, co-morbidities and HIV; mental health and wellbeing; addressing loneliness and isolation; developing an advocacy agenda for older women living with HIV; opportunities for ongoing support group and wider support network; co-developing patient and clinician resources on HIV and menopause.

The retreat will be held in King’s Cross, London, starting at 5pm on Friday 4th October and closing at 5.30pm on Sunday 6th October. To ensure everyone can be actively involved in the programme, participants are required to attend the whole weekend. Travel and hotel will be provided for women attending who do not live in London, local travel will be supported for London-based participants.

If you would like to attend, please download and complete the application form fully, and return to: info@sophiaforum.net. Please also get in touch at that email address if you have any questions. All applications must be received by Monday 2nd September. We will then review applications and get in touch to let you know if you have a place.