Kaweme Chunga

I am an advocate for People Living with HIV (PLHIV). My experiences vary from being a part of the Children’s HIV Association (CHIVA) youth committee from 2014-2016, to providing peer support for young PLHIV and being involved in different projects, such as: Art is Key, Youth Advocate Activist Scoping Project (YAASP) 2018 and Catwalk for Power, as well as Sophia Forum’s WISE-UP+ event 2019.

I am passionate about the rights, health, welfare and dignity of people living with HIV. I have been involved in campaigns to raising awareness through school visits with the focus of reducing stigma and I have advocated through music. I have written and performed my own songs: at the International AIDS Conference 2018 with themes in relation to destigmatisation of HIV, breaking barriers and building bridges, as well as at conferences while on the CHIVA youth committee.

My aim is to empower PLHIV, help their voices to be heard, and lastly to raise and help influence policy through my experiences and my legal career.