Not PrEPared – Barriers to accessing HIV prevention drugs in England

Statement from our Chief Executive Sophie Strachan

It is wholly unacceptable that no local authorities are reporting more than five women using their PrEP services.

In England, PrEP has been available through the PrEP IMPACT trial since 2017 and has been routinely commissioned since 2020, yet this report further highlights the significant disparities women are facing in being offered or even considered for PrEP as another prevention option against acquiring HIV.

Structural barriers continue to play a key role in preventing certain groups receiving information and PrEP itself, and if we are to meet the targets outlined in the new HIV action plan there must be a stronger commitment and investment from government, commissioners and service providers to ensure women and other marginalised communities are provided with options of how and where to access PrEP.

The report, produced in collaboration with The National AIDS Trust, Terrence Higgins Trust, PrEPster, and One Voice Network is available here.