Understanding the impact of HIV on women – Research project

A new study is looking at the impact of living with HIV on women in the UK.

It will look at disability that is not constant, but comes and goes. This disability can be physical or mental – or both.

The researcher, Natalie, wants to know how this can impact your daily living.

Natalie also wants to know what women need to improve quality of life. For example, what type of class or service is needed for these disabilities?

Please contact Natalie directly at [email protected] confidentially if you have any questions.

My name is Natalie and I’m a physio of 10 years, with a special interest in HIV. I am particularly interested in women living with HIV and how this impacts on their wellbeing. I would like to understand more about this in the frame of physical and mental disability, that may be episodic in nature, and what services women currently access in relation to these. I wonder whether women specific regular exercise and HIV specific education classes, similar to that of the Kobler Rehabilitation Class, may help to address some of these and as such would like to explore this further.

Thank you very much,