WISE-UP+: Women Inspire Support and Empower to Unleash Positive Potential

WISE-UP+ is a structured series of workshops designed and led by women living with HIV with the aim of building a dynamic community of female HIV advocates.

The objectives of the WISE-UP+ programmes are:

  • to alleviate isolation – where there is no/low access to services, addressing unmet needs in service design and delivery;
  • to increase knowledge and power – so that women are involved in healthcare decision making, dialogue with health professionals, becoming activists;
  • to meet the needs of ALL HIV+ women – exploring health disparities specific to culture, age, marginalised groups and intersectionality;
  • to provide a safe space where women can share experiences, be creative and develop advocacy messages to inform policy and commissioning decisions;
  • to endorse positive sex messages so that women can work towards the lives and relationships they want.

Our most recent WISE-UP+ was Young Women Rising, a weekend retreat for young women aged 18 to 25 over, living with HIV. Those who took part had the opportunity to meet other young women living with HIV in a relaxed, friendly environment and created advocacy messages to improve their experiences of living with HIV and accessing services.

You can read a report about one of our other recent WISE UP+ weekends here.