Sophia Forum Round Table Meeting to address issues in relation to Women and HIV in the UK

Hosted by Baroness Gould of Potternewton

On  18th January 2011  the Sophia Forum held a Round Table Meeting at the House of Lords, kindly hosted by Baroness Gould of Potternewton. The focus of the meeting was to bring together 50 representatives of organisations working in relevant sectors, to address the many and complex issues facing women living with HIV in the UK. Participants included representatives from health, legal and education sectors – both professional bodies and Civil Society Organisations.

Photos (c) Sophie Strachan 

The Aim and Objectives of the Meeting
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Participants were offered a broad range of reading materials around the issue of women and HIV, both from a global perspective and from within the UK. Please scroll down to see these.
Meeting presenters included:
Baroness Gould
Professor Baron Peter Piot, Director and Professor of Global Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Patron of the Sophia Forum
Dr Jantine Jacobi, Head of the Gender and AIDS Team, and Leader within the Secretariat for the Global Coalition on Women and AIDS, UNAIDS, Geneva
Angelina Namiba, Positively UK – see links to Angelina’s work here; and also below (in section C) on ground-breaking peer-mentoring work with HIV positive women who want children in the UK
Sophie Strachan, Positively UK – click here to read Sophie’s speech – click here to read a summary of Sophie’s speech
Silvia Petretti, Positively UK – click here to read Silvia’s speech
Professor Jane Anderson, Consultant Physician, Director of the Centre for the Study of Sexual Health and HIV, Chair Elect, British HIV Association and Patron of the Sophia Forum – see the link at the top of our home page for a recent speech by Jane on the dimensions of HIV for women in the UK
Dr Alice Welbourn, Chair of Trustees, The Sophia Forum – this will be posted soon
After these presentations, Baroness Gould chaired a roundtable discussion about the issues highlighted in the presentations, as well as other issues not addressed.
We will be posting here further information about the meeting content and discussion notes shortly, so do please return to read more.
  • 1) Global Materials
“Participation Poster” created by ICW and accompanying explanatory text 
Issues facing people with HIV in relation to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and accompanying powerpoint (in pdf)
Summary Page of Issues facing sex workers in relation to HIV and international response
  • 2) Some Key UN Documents
UNAIDS Action Framework for Gender Equality
WHO Guidelines for Integrating Gender into HIV/AIDS programmes in the Health Sector
  • 3) Materials Specific to the UK
Issues facing women in relation to HIV and prison
“From Pregnancy to Baby and Beyond: a ground-breaking peer-mentoring programme for women with HIV in the UK” – poster (1)poster (2)powerpoint presentation. You can also click here to watch and listen to Angelina speak about the project on YouTube.
  • 4) Information Provided by Other Meeting Participants
Do send your information in and we will share it with other participants.
Summary of Research by Judith Dorrell about Experiences for Young People with Growing up with HIV in the UK
Summary from the National AIDS Trust
A Woman’s Guide to HIV – a website published by Bristol-Myers Squibb, to whom we are grateful for sponsorship of this meeting
A summary of the work of  Sigma Research
The Hamilton Trust is linked to 20,000 primary school teachers across the UK – 1/3 of all of them. It has produced Year 6 sex education resources. You can access the Hamilton site by registering for free and then going to this link  Once logged in, you can also access more information on the site by clicking on topics. Then choose UKS2, Africa & Theme 4: Health, Session 5.
The South Asia Sexual Health eForum is a new Forum launched by Dr Ritu Mahendru. Click here for details.
HIV and sex work: issues in the UK – summary paper kindly provided by the Global Network of Sex Work Projects
  • 5) Some Information about the Sophia Forum
Please look at other pages on this website for specific events, sector-specific resources, newsletters and much more…



  •  6) A selection of blogs and articles about women and HIV in the UK and globally
a) posted by Silvia Petretti about the UK:
To read all Silvia’s blogs, click here

b) Posted by various women, including many women with HIV, on Open Democracy: about global issues from the Vienna International AIDS Conference

Our Thanks

Many thanks to Bristol-Myers Squibb for funding this event.