Thoughts from women living with HIV on International Women’s Day 2016

Despite living with HIV, positive women still have power within themselves to change the world for better. With improved HIV treatment women are able to pursue their dreams. I call upon all women living with HIV to join others as we celebrate   the international women’s day with a sense of confidence and grace. Remember you are still a woman and nobody will take it away from you.  Let us continue  to raise our voices to those who ignore our needs, so that every woman , young and old  is able to receive care, support and treatment wherever she is,  and also to call upon on our leaders to  do what it takes  to stop HIV infection of women.

I’ve been positive for 15 years and don’t think about it that much until I have to go and have my bloods done. My results have always been good and I thank God that my Christian faith has got me through many dark days. Without my faith I would have been lost.

Parity in 2030 – move faster toward sex equality.
Women should be coming together to make a difference.

Megane Nana

Yesterday: When I was diagnosed in 1996 I felt disconnected from the world, rejected, faced with stigma and discrimination with fear and denial.
Today: I am reconnected, resilient, leading a meaningful life, a role model and mentor to fellow PHAs,fully involved at all levels and recognised.
Tomorrow: Am expecting zero HIV/AIDS related issues, ARV side effects, primary death especially in Africa, stigma and discrimination along with changed policies and increase PHA participation in leadership roles.

Sandra, 41, a Ugandan living in Canada

Life is so positive with a positive mind set, still positive and happy with my HIV status.
Tambuzaye Chigwe

have learnt to accept my HIV status and to live a free life.
I have confidence to encourage someone out there who is struggling to accept  her/his status.